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CIOOF World Congress Closed By Kukar Regent

Plt. Regent Kukar Edi Damansyah officially closed the 47th World CIOFF Congress which took place from 20th to 29th October 2017 at Putri Karang Melenu (PKM) Hall, Friday night (27/10/2017). In his speech Plt Regent Kukar expressed gratitude that the 47th CIOFF world congress has been going well, successfully and smoothly in Tenggarong City. "A series of organizational decisions have been taken and determined, I congratulate Mr Philippe Beussant for his re-election as President of the World CIOFF for the Period 2017-2021," said Edi Damansyah

the implementation of this CIOFF world congress, for the Regional Government of Kukar Regency to be a good momentum for Kukar in particular and for Indonesia in general, to convey to the public to move together in an effort to explore, nurture and preserve the noble heritage owned wherever it is. Through cooperation with CIOFF Indonesia, the Government of Kukar Regency will also organize the International Folk Art Festival regarding Erau Adat Ceremony named Erau Adat Kutai and International Folk Arts Festival.

"Through this festival, we are introducing the world to recognize the tradition of Kutai Sultanate that has been going on since the 13th century, and strive to build mutual respect in the intercultural culture along with the world peace mission through cultural program that carried by CIOFF," said Edi.

Furthermore he said, Kukar Regency is not a metropolitan area, but the local government Kukar seeks to do regional development in accordance with the financial capacity of the region with due regard to local knowledge owned. "We hope that in the middle of the congress of CIOFF world events, congress participants can still enjoy the atmosphere of small town, regional culinary flavor, warm temperatures, various regional crafts as well as local cultural arts that have been presented. "He concluded. The closing of the 47th CIOFF World Congress was marked by the handover of the CIOFF flag by the President CIOFF Mr. Philippe Beussant to the Regent of Kukar Edi Damansyah and the delivery of souvenir beads and Kutai's unique weapons by the Regent to one of the 47th World Congress Committees CIOFF.

The Opening Ceremony Of 47th CIOFF World Cogress

Taking place at the Putri Karang Melenu (PKM) Meeting Hall, Tenggarong Seberang, the opening of the 47th World Congress of CIOFF (International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts), which attended by the Regional Secretary of Kutai Kartanegara Regency (Kukar) H Marli. In his speech, he expressed his joy and pride that in addition to the implementation of Erau Adat Kutai and International Folk Arts Festival, CIOFF Indonesia again took Kukar Regency to host the World CIOFF congress.

"We are very proud and grateful to host the 47th World CIOFF congress. This is the first history in Indonesia. Surely this is in line with the spirit of the district government in implementing the mission of preserving and developing the culture of the region. "From the CIOFF congress, he hopes congress participants will be more familiar with Kutai Kartanegara which has 3 (three) cultural axis, namely Kutai Kartanegara Ing Martadipura visible during the ceremony of Adat Erau conjunction with international folk art festival in cooperation with CIOFF Indonesia.

Secondly, Kukar has a Kutai Malay culture that still survives to this day. And thirdly, Kukar is rich with inland culture derived from various Dayak ethnic groups who continue to preserve their traditions and culture. "Kukar is also rich in Kalimantan wildlife diversity, with a place for adventure tourism especially in tropical and inland forests," he said.

Sekda Kukar Marli also asked all congress participants to enjoy the natural beauty of tourism owned by Kutai Kartanegara. "I hope this congress can run smoothly, comfortably while in the city of Tenggarong, and can enjoy a variety of regional culinary and crafts, as well as other attractions," said Marli.

Meanwhile President of World CIOFF Phillipe Beusant after opening the CIOFF World Congress, appreciating the welcome and support of host of CIOFF Indonesia, especially Kutai Kartanegara. "The CIOFF is an international organization working with UNESCO under the auspices of the United Nations. CIOFF conducts activities every year to bridge Indonesian government relationships with other countries in addition to bringing the world peace mission, "he said.

After delivering his speech, Mr. Phillipe Beusant also introduced the World CIOFF team ranks including the introduction of 50 countries with 120 participants of the lively CIOFF Congress. The opening of the CIOFF congress ends with a typical Dayak dance performance, inviting the curiosity of the CIOFF's participants to directly see the diversity of Indonesian culture as stunningly fascinating.

The Visit Of General Secretary Of Public Information From The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

In the framework of Socialization of Indonesian Art and Culture Scholarship Program (BSBI), Friday (13/10/2017). Secretary of the Directorate General of Information and Public
Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemenlu) RI Aziz
Nurwahyudi with the Team visited to the Tourism Department.

During the visit, he was greeted by the Head of Tourism Office of Kukar Dra. Sri Wahyuni. MPP
along with local officials and other invites from three dance studios
in Kukar namely Gubang Dance, Pokan Takaq and Kumala Cultural Arts
In the meeting the Secretary General of Information and Public
Diplomacy Kemenlu RI Aziz Nurwahyudi said the purpose of his visit to
Kukar is to socialize BSBI program in 2018.

arrival here, delivering BSBI program where there are 12 young people
from all over the world will learn the art of dance and traditional
music of Kutai in dance studio which will be appointed by team from
Kemenlu," Aziz said.
Meanwhile, Head of Tourism Office Kukar Dra. Sri Wahyuni. MPP
welcomes the arrival of the team of Directorate General of Information
and Diplomacy of Kemenlu RI in Kukar. "BSBI program is in line with our
intention to promote tourism and art culture in Kukar.
This is a tremendous opportunity to open the window of the world,
introduce Indonesia through Kukar which has been often echoed local government through Festival Erau, "he said.

only that, the program BSBI will also have a positive impact on
the existence of traditional dance studio in Kukar growing with
the visit of foreign students exchange art knowledge so as to introduce
the culture and art of Kutai area.
"It's great that our area will be visited by 12 foreign students in the BSBI program of  Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Hopefully their presence will add to the attraction for other foreign tourists visiting Kutai Kartanegara, ". known to 12 foreign youth including one from Indonesia is scheduled to be in Kukar in March to June 2018. They will learn about traditions, local wisdom and get to know the
social life of the communities for 3 full months which are all funded by
the state through the State Budget (APBN).

After meeting, the Team visit art studio in Tenggarong and later this art studio
will be selected and for those who pass will get scholarship from Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Vice Regent Of Kutai Kartanegara Open King City Festival 2017

In order to commemorate the 235th Tenggarong City Anniversary Local Government of Kutai Kartanegara Regency through Tourism Department held the KIng City Festival City VI which is strung with Tenggarong Fair.

In his written speech, the Regent of Kutai Kartanegara, read by Vice Regent Edi Damansyah, welcomed the implementation of King City Festival VI, and he hoped that the Kutai Kartanegara residents will keep and have this beloved King City, by giving the best, Creative, Innovative works for all sectors, we should be proud although Tenggarong Fair is the first one implemented, but it has been enriched with workshop of Capacity Building of UMKM and Creative Economy Enterprises.

Meanwhile, Head of Tourism Department Sri Wahyuni ​​in her report said FKR VI was held starting from 30 September to 8 October 2017 which centered in Basketball Field Rondong Demang Stadium Tenggarong, besides presenting Tenggarong Fair also filled Local Products and Bazaar Exhibition and every day enlivened with various entertainment arts and culture. "Among others are Batik Fashion Show, Zumba Party, Indie Film Screening, Jepen Dance Festival, Music Performance, Gasing Contest, Reggea Party and SME workshop, also enlivened by Tenggarong Kutai Carnival (TKC) performance on Saturday (07 / 10) start at Tenggarong Fair Stage Finish at Kedaton Kutai Kartanegara, while on the closing night of FKR VI will be enlivened by Dangdut Artist Anna Zivana and Wandie Mario. The opening of FKR VI event is marked by beating Rebana by Vice Regent of Kukar, along with Head of Tourism Office Sri Wahyuni, Dandim 0906 and Tenggarong Sub-district Head, and continued with a review of local product exhibition from UMKM.

THe Winners Of Photo Contest "Exotica Erau 2017"

After going through the assessment process of the jury against dozens of photographs that were nominated in the photo contest of Erau Exotica 2017, which was held on Friday 29/9/2017 at the tourism department office which juries consisted of Arbain Rambey who is a Professional Photograper, Fachmi Rachman The Editor of Tribun Kaltim, Head of Tourism Office Dra. Sri Wahyuni. MPP. the result of judging determining the winner of Erau 2015 Exotica photo contest, First Winner was achieved by Fandi Oktadiansyah through a photo titled "South Korean Fan Dance". While the second winner was Chandra AP for the photo titled "Datun Udoq Dance" and the third winner was won by Ibnu Abbas Rachman for the photo entitled "The Art Of a Hudoq Dancing".

The jury also chose the photo of Dwi Rizky Murdana's work entitled "Preparing Drawing Dragons" as the Most Exciting Photo of the Exotic Photo Competition Erau 2017 While the Favorite Photo was achieved by Agung Yorinda Prasetya entitled "Imut" received the most Likes in Facebook Fan Page of Visiting Kutai Kartanegara as much as 637 Support. In total there are 465 photos sent 107 photographers in the Exotic Photo Competition Erau 2017. Of these, as many as 62 photographs of 44 participants nominated.


Head of Tourism Department Kukar Sri Wahyuni ​​said not easy in the assessment of this photo contest because of the many photographers who participated this year . "There are 62 photos of 44 participants nominated. Then all the nominated photos are displayed on Facebook Fan Page Visiting Kutai Kartanegara for the selection of favorite photos from 21 July to 21 August 2017." said Sri Wahyuni. To award the winners will be done at the closing of the Festival of the City of King VI (FKR) 2017. The amount of prize money for the winner is Rp 5 million for the 1st Winner, Rp4 million for Second Winner, Rp 3 million for the 3rd Winner. Then for the Favorite Photo will get cash of Rp 3 million, and for Photo Terunik entitled to get cash of Rp3 million

Lay Ayu Pole As The Sign Of Erau Ends

Sultanate of Kutai Kartanegara Ing Martadipura formally ending the execution of Erau Adat Kutai and The5 International Folk Arts Festival (EIFAF), 2017, on Monday (31/7) morning ceremony, yesterday held lay Ayu pole. The traditional ceremony which took place solemn and simple it was held in the palace Stingkil Kukar or Mulawarman Museum, Tenggarong.

Procession of Lay Ayu was done by 6 persons, they were son of the Sultan of Kutai, HAP Duke Praboe Anoem Soerya Adinigrat, Adinata Soeryo HAP, HAP Soerya Mangala, and HAP Soerya Kesuma and 2 families of the Sultanate of Kutai Sultanate, HAP Aryo Adi Putro and HAP Ario Putro Ami Djoyo. While the Crown Prince HAP Duke Praboe Anoem Soerya Adinigrat is on duty to welcome the head / pole of Ayu.


The process was witnessed by the Sultan of Kutai Ing Martadipura HAM XX Salehoeddin II with the relatives of sultanate. After Ayu laid, followed by the granting tempong tawar offer by the leadership of Lord first of all to the pole Ayu, then Crown Prince Sultan Kutai palace and other relatives. This was followed by the reading of prayers survivors led by a relative of the palace, as a sign of gratitude to God Almighty that lasted Erau lay succesed. After ceremony Ayu, all relatives of the palace from the committee, customs officers, Belian and Dewa to force the Sultanate, deliver to worship and greet along with the four sons. Kutai Sultan was also attended by Vice Regent Kutai Kartanegara Edi Damansyah, Chairman of the Parliament Kukar Salehuddin "With the implementation of lay Ayu, then Erau Adat Kukar officially ended," said HAP Puger representing the Sultan of Kutai. According to him we are grateful because the implementation of Erau this year went well and successful. He also thanked those who have helped and supported the implementation Erau, especially Kukar Regency and the community of Tenggarong and Kukar society in general. "We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all those who have supported Erau's traditional party," he concluded

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